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Trigger Point Dry Needling

Learn how receiving your Colorado Springs trigger point dry needling care at Revolution Rehabilitation, PC, will help ease pain and discomfort and get you back spending time enjoying what you love most.

What Is Trigger Point Dry Needling?

dry-needlingLike acupuncture, trigger point dry needling is a great way to get your muscles to release trigger points.

Since a lot of the trigger points, or what are also referred to as “knots” tend to be very painful and/or tender, trigger point dry needling is used to reduce the pain that lies in the muscle. With this technique, experts have shown that it can help reduce pain and tenderness, and it can also increase the muscle range when in motion. This is a great way to relieve pain and stress in the muscles because it’s done in a very professional and safe manner.

At our location, there is a licensed therapist who can answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. He or she will also walk you through all the steps of trigger point dry needling so that you feel more comfortable about this procedure.

Dry needling questions:

Is this procedure painful?

Some patients will say that their knots were more painful than this procedure. Other patients will say there was no pain at all. If a patient does experience pain, it is very minimal.

Will it work for me?

To make sure you’re seeing great results, our therapist will consult with you after each session to make sure you’re seeing effective results. These results are also immediate and will help relieve the pain felt in your muscles. After each session, you will feel much better and have less pain.

How frequently should I go to get this done?

Each session lasts for about a half an hour so it’s recommended that patients come about one or two times each week for a total of three weeks. Our therapist will go over a time frame that works and fits best for your individual case.

Is this procedure covered by insurance companies?

To make sure you’re covered, we will see what your benefits are and go over different payment options. As for insurance coverage, it is covered as a physical therapy benefit.

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