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Physical Therapy

Learn how receiving your Colorado Springs physical therapy services at Revolution Rehabilitation, PC, helps you get back to enjoying life to its fullest:

What is Physical Therapy?

physical therapyPhysical therapy, or what is also referred to as either PT or physiotherapy, is a technique used in order to provide mobility treatment in patients. This treatment helps patients walk, get in and out of bed and can help them with the more challenging tasks like going up stairs.

Physical therapy is provided by physical therapists that use a number of treatments to work towards a patient’s goals. For example, they may use manual therapy, heat and cold, exercise programs and electrical stimulation to help a patient function to his or her ability.

Physical therapy may also include endurance, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance exercises to help heal a certain condition, injury or disease.

What Does a Physical Therapist Do?

A physical therapist is there to help examine and treat patients based on their own individual condition. Depending on the overall health of a patient, a therapist will create a plan that helps improve the endurance, flexibility, strength, coordination and balance.

The first goal of a physical therapist is to help provide relief to a patient by reducing his or her level of pain and/or swelling. After a patient’s pain level has decreased, the therapist will create a plan for improving the endurance, flexibility, strength, coordination and balance.

Exercise routines are almost always included in physical therapy. These routines and programs created by the physical therapist can include anything from walking, core exercises, stretching and weight lifting. For a patient to recover as much as possible, a physical therapist will make it possible for the patient to incorporate the exercises into his or her daily life.

Physical Therapy Treatment

Physical therapy treatment may use certain techniques, such as applying heat and ice to a patient’s injury, using ultrasound and/or electrical stimulation and manual therapy to treat a patient.

Physical therapists tend to focus on avoiding and treating conditions that affect a patient’s:

  • Musculoskeletal system: bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles
  • Pulmonary system: breathing and lungs
  • Neuromuscular system: muscles and nerves
  • Cardiovascular system: blood vessels and heart
  • Burns and wounds on the skin’s surface

Physical therapy treatment may also be based on cancer-related conditions, women, children and older adults. If a patient is looking to get the best care possible, it may be helpful for him or her to get help from a physical therapist that is specialized in his or her condition.

Physical therapists work on improving a patient’s mobility and overall function, so that the patient can go about his or her day with ease and prevent injuries in the future. Once certain exercise routines have been performed, it may cause swelling and/or soreness. If a patient doesn’t feel this level of discomfort is normal, he or she should consult with a therapist right away.

Where is Physical Therapy Performed?

Therapy can take place in a hospital, clinic, school, a patient’s home, nursing home, or sports and fitness center.

Benefits of Physical Therapy:

  • Improves overall fitness
  • Improves mobility
  • Helps a patient regain strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and more
  • A natural treatment that doesn’t include medication and/or surgery
  • Helps patients feel more confident when going back to work or when performing their daily functions
  • Helps treat injuries or long-term health conditions
  • Provides helpful knowledge to patients

Qualities of a Good Physical Therapist:

  • A board-certified physical therapist
  • A physical therapist that is willing to work with a patient’s primary doctor and/or other specialists
  • Someone who is willing to take his or her time to treat the patient
  • Someone who provides treatment through therapy sessions and doesn’t recommend certain medications and/or supplements

How to Get Help

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