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Manual Therapy

Learn how receiving your Colorado Springs manual therapy services at Revolution Rehabilitation, PC, helps you again enjoy the little things in life that are important to you:

What is Manual Therapy?

A woman playing tennisManual therapy is a treatment used to relax the hands, make the hands more flexible and to decrease the amount of pain. This type of therapy is often referred to as “bodywork” and is performed without the use of any machines or devices. Manual therapy often uses:

  • Mobilization: movements that use gentle pulling and twisting. These movements are done very slowly and can help move joints back where they belong. This therapy also loosens the tissues around the joint so that a person can become more flexible and better aligned.
  • Massage: a type of therapy that uses applied pressure. This applied pressure is applied to the muscles and other soft tissues. Massage helps increase circulation, relax the muscles, and reduce pain.
  • Manipulation: movements that are applied with force so that repositioning the joints and bones relieves pain. Unlike mobilization, this type of therapy is aggressive and isn’t something all physical therapists are licensed to perform.

For those that experience other painful problems like headaches, manual therapy can be performed as a chiropractic manipulation, massage and craniosacral therapy. Though there hasn’t been enough investigation on the benefits of treating headaches with manual therapy, the investigations that have been studied show the results aren’t strong enough to recommend this type of treatment to others. However, for those that suffer from spasms or muscle pain along with headaches, they may benefit from manual therapy more.

For patients with neck pain, manual therapy is often recommended. With mobilization, manipulation or exercise applied to the neck, it can be helpful in treating neck pain.

Though it is rare, a herniated disc may be the result of a poor visit to the chiropractor. When chiropractors adjust a patient’s back or neck due to pain, a herniated disc may occur and cause additional pain, numbness and weakness in the legs and buttocks. This condition may also affect bowel and bladder control.

Before a patient tries manual therapy for neck pain, it’s recommended they:

  • Try different home treatments: applied heat, ice, exercise, stretching and pain relievers. These are usually effective enough to reduce pain felt in the neck. However, if this type of treatment is always necessary to relieve pain, it may be helpful for that patient to meet with his or her physician in order to discuss manual therapy.
  • Visit their physician to see if he or she can spot an underlying condition associated with the pain.

For patients interested in manual therapy, they will be provided with information and other strength and self-care exercises they can apply to their daily life.

Tips for finding a manual therapist:

  • Find a therapist that is affiliated with your physician.
  • Compare all the therapists in the area.

Before a patient undergoes manual therapy, it’s important he or she asks a physician if it is safe for them to undergo it.

Consider manual therapists that:

  • Provide you with exercise and home treatment options.
  • Use gentle therapy that is slow and calming to the neck.
  • Apply heat and ice, use massage techniques, ultrasounds and/or electric current during your treatment.
  • Discuss and address any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Make you feel comfortable and provide relief.
  • Work with your primary care physician on this matter.

Avoid manual therapists that:

  • Recommend long and extensive treatments that require regular visits.
  • Try to sell you other services or dietary and herbal supplements when they don’t have that type of training.
  • Make you get an x-ray before they know about your condition.
  • Discuss “subluxation,” which is an unproven theory based on two dislocated joints.
  • Don’t have proper certification or licensing.

How to Get Help

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