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Revolution Rehabilitation Success Story: Ana in Colorado Springs

Customer Highlight: Ana in Colorado Springs Shares Her Dry Needling Experience at Revolution Rehabilitation

Back in June I had surgery on a torn ligament in my ankle. My doc said to wait until the end of August to see if I needed to visit a physical therapist. I was ok’d to go back to work where I stand for 8+ hours per shift. I remember the second Sunday of August I could not take it anymore because I was walking slower than a turtle, and my body was in pain from walking with a limp and favoring one side. So that Monday I called Revolution Rehabilitation. I am a repeat patient so I knew who to call. Dr Ali got me in an hour after I called and dry needled the same leg that I had the surgery on. The next day I get into work and all of my coworkers noticed that I was walking upright and almost normal again. My body stopped hurting quickly since I was no longer walking weird. Dry needling is my way to go for when I know my body is not working right. I love it! And tell everyone about it!

Thank you,

Ana Belen

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