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Dr. Allie

Revolution Rehabilitation Success Story: Ana in Colorado Springs

Customer Highlight: Ana in Colorado Springs Shares Her Dry Needling Experience at Revolution Rehabilitation Back in June I had surgery on a torn ligament in my ankle. My doc said to wait until the end of August to see if I needed to visit a physical therapist. I was ok’d to go back to work where […]

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Dry needling helps migraine headaches – See Dr. Nicklin in Colorado Springs

“Dry needling has taken my migraine headaches from 4-5 a week to 2-3 year and I was able to stop those nasty daily meds. Dr. Allie Nicklin really stuck it to me tonight! I got a row of needles and stimulation. I feel so much better, though! Thanks Dr. Allie! — feeling better.” – Ami […]

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Proper Technique: The Answer to Attaining your Personal Best 5K

Proper running mechanics allow efficiency of movement and energy, which will ultimately allow you to shave time off your mile. Stride length and stride frequency are the two main factors in running speed. Increasing one or both of these will result in increased speed. However, if not trained properly, the athlete may inadvertently decrease one […]

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Why is water so important in losing and maintaining a healthy weight?

Eblast 2 – Water

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Dr. Allie

Neighborhood News – Dr. Allie

Dr. Allie has been asked by the Broadmoor Bluffs Neighborhood News to be a contributing author for 2015. Click below to read her first submission.The Broadmoor Bluffs_Jan15

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Introducing Dr. Allie

Recognizing and Treating the Unique Needs of Women

Click Here: Recognizing and Treating the Unique Needs of Women Dr. Allison Nicklin describes Revolution Rehabilitation, P.C. in Colorado Springs. “We really listen to the patient’s symptoms, treat the whole person, not just the condition, and provide education to bring them full circle. Sometimes patients need communication therapy as much as physical therapy,” she says.

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Ericka Breske, PT, DPT, TDN

Cervical Spine Injuries

by Ericka Breske PT, DPT, TDN The cervical spine is made up of 7 vertebrae. The first two vertebrae, C1 and C2, are referred to as the ‘upper cervical spine.’ The upper cervical spine is particularly vulnerable to trauma because it is the most mobile part of the spine. In fact, the upper cervical spine […]

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December Fitness Tip – Morning Fuel

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Trigger Point Dry Needling & Migraine Management

Trigger Point Dry Needling: A Treatment Option for Chronic Migraines   Migraine headaches can be difficult to treat for many reasons. One reason is that the cause of migraine headaches is largely unknown.   Research suggests that a migraine headache is caused by abnormal brain activity, which is thought to be triggered by many things; […]

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Ericka Breske, PT, DPT, TDN

Concussion Management by Ericka Breske, PT, TDN

Helmet Sensors used in Concussion Management Impact sensors are attached to helmets and are used to alert parents and coaches when a player should be assessed for a concussion. This device is able to detect helmet and head linear and rotational acceleration, magnitude and direction of a hit that may result in a concussion. The […]

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At Revolution Rehabilitation, PC, we are active in many Colorado Springs community events.

We contribute to noble causes and dedicate our time educating people on injury prevention, self care, and the benefits of the latest physical therapy best practices and technologies. Few some of our important community partners below …

Kiwanis Club Meeting – Colorado Springs Community Event

Our own Ericka speaking to and demonstrating Trigger Point Dry Needling at the Colorado Springs Kiwanis monthly meeting. 

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Run To the Shrine – Colorado Springs Community Event.

On May 17 Dr. Nicklin and Dr. Anja had a great time at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo treating runners with Trigger Point Dry Needling at the 2014 Run to the Shrine.

Run to the Shrine Event13  Run to the Shrine Event11  Run to the Shrine Event10  Run to the Shrine Event09  Run to the Shrine Event08                    cheyenne mountain zoo logo

Runners Roost

Revolution Rehabilitation, PC, Community Partner: Runners Roost

Dr. Allison Nicklin will be presenting a series of running health information clinics at Runners Roost, Colorado Springs.


Pikes Peak Humane Society

Revolution Rehabilitation, PC, Community Partner: Pikes Peak Humane Society

Colorado Springs Community Event:

Revolution Rehabilitation, PC, was recently a Silver Collar Sponsor and in attendance the successful Pike Peak Humane Society Fur Ball fundraiser event. Additionally, Dr. Allie served on its Board of Directors.


Pueblo Community College

Revolution Rehabilitation, PC, Community Partner: Pueblo Community College

Dr. Allie spends lots time volunteering in her community. Today she was invited to speak as Adjunct Professor at Pueblo Community College on the top of Disorders of Joint – Arthritis and Associated Conditions. As always Dr. Allie made the class an interactive and fun learning experience for the students.


Here are links to other organizations we support:

Children’s Literacy Center – www.childrensliteracycenter.org
Arthritis Foundation – www.arthritis.org/colorado/
Peak Vista – http://www.peakvista.org
Fountain Arts Center – www.fountainartscenter.com
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – http://www.cmzoo.org